80PRS CimPress Swing Check Valve

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The CIM 80PRS CimPRESS swing check valve is a one-piece, hot-forged brass valve designed for direct connection to hard-drawn copper and stainless steel tube using standard press tools. It is manufactured in accordance with MSS-SP-110, PS1172004, and EN ISO 9001 standards, and is suitable for non-aggressive fluid applications such as domestic and commercial plumbing and sanitary systems, autoclaves, pumps, and compressed air systems.

It features a screwed bonnet and metal-to-metal seating, with a one-piece hot-forged brass swing disc designed for a low pressure drop and reduced waterhammer. It can be installed vertically or horizontally in a pipeline, and is made from DZR “CR” corrosion-resistant brass with double EPDM-ASTM D 2000 M2 O-rings for a leak-proof cold-crimped seal and added protection against corrosion. CimPRESS valves eliminates the need for torch and cleaning, flux and soldering in order to create a permanent watertight valve connection, reducing installation time and avoiding potential fire risks and other problems associated with sweat connections; saving time and money. The connection for the CIM 80PRS is a standard press connection for copper and stainless steel tube plumbing systems.

All Cimberio valves qualify for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and the Buy American Act.


Body: Hot Forged Brass ASTM C37700
Bonnet: Hot Forged Brass ASTM C37700
Gasket: NA 1030 Gr. (Asbestos Free) Maximum Temperature of 356˚F
Swing Disc: Hot Forged Brass ASTM C37700
O-Ring: EPDM - ASTM D 2000 M2


Part Numbers
1/2" 80PRS-04
3/4" 80PRS-06
1" 80PRS-07
1-1/4" 80PRS-08
1-1/2" 80PRS-09
2" 80PRS-10
Max. Operating Temperature:
Working Limit for Fluids 14˚ F – 212˚ F
Test Pressures:
According to ISO 5208
Working Pressure:
232 PSI
Saturated Steam:
54 PSI at 302˚F
CimPress x CimPress
Available Sizes:
1/2", 3/4", 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2", 2"