30XLC CimPress Inline Check Valve

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The CIM 30XLC CimPRESS inline check valve is a compact and noiseless design that is suitable for use with non-aggressive fluid applications in domestic and commercial plumbing and sanitary systems, as well as autoclaves, pumps, and compressed air systems. It is manufactured in accordance with MSS-SP-110, PS1172004, and EN ISO 9001 standards and designed for direct connection to hard-drawn copper and/or stainless steel tube using standard press tools with XL-C jaws and rings. It features a double stem guide for trouble-free operation and a stainless steel spring-loaded Hostaform thermoplastic free rotating stem that opens at .36 PSI. It can be installed vertically, horizontally or at an angle in a pipeline to accommodate flow in one direction.

CimPRESS valves are designed to eliminate the need to assemble separate components in the field, which could result in weak/leak points and increased material and labor costs. The CIM 30XLC.1 is manufactured from DZR “CR” corrosion-resistant brass with EPDM-ASTM D 2000 M2 O-Rings to ensure a leak-proof cold crimped seal with added protection against corrosion. It eliminates the need to use a torch and to clean, flux and solder in order to create a permanent watertight valve connection, significantly reducing average installation time while avoiding potential fire risks and other problems associated with sweat connections; saving time and money. Standard press connection for copper and stainless steel tube plumbing systems. For use with XL-C press jaws and rings only.

All Cimberio valves qualify for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and the Buy American Act.


Body: Hot Forged Brass ASTM C37700
Stem: Hot Forged Brass ASTM C37700
Spring: 18/8 ANSI 302 Stainless Steel
Disc: EPDM
O-Ring: EPDM - ASTM D 2000 M2


Part Numbers
2-1/2" 30XLC-11
3" 30XLC-12
4" 30XLC-14
Max. Operating Temperature::
Working Limit for Fluids 14˚ F – 212˚ F
Test Pressures::
According to ISO 5208
Available Sizes:
2-1/2", 3", 4"