74PRSNL CimPress Y Strainer

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The CIM 74PRS CimPRESS Y Strainer is a press-type fitting designed to be used with non-aggressive fluid applications including residential, industrial, and agricultural systems. It is manufactured in accordance with MSS-SP-110, PS117-2004, and EN ISO 9001 standards and is suitable for direct connection to hard drawn copper and/or stainless steel tube using standard press tools. It is not intended for use with soft or rolled copper tubing.

The CIM 74PRS Y strainer is built from cast corrosion resistant brass “CR” EN 1982-CC7525 and features an 18/8 ANSI302 stainless steel strainer screen designed to collect impurities such as sand, rust, and metal shavings, to safeguard pipes and valves from mechanical damage and deposits. CimPRESS valves are developed as purpose built valves for standard press attachment to eliminate the need to assemble separate components in the field, which could result in weak/leak points and increased material and labor costs. It is manufactured from corrosion-resistant brass with double EPDM-ASTM D 2000 M2 O-Rings to ensure a leak proof cold crimped seal with added protection against corrosion. The standard press connection for copper and stainless steel tube plumbing systems. The CimPRESS valves eliminate the torch and the need to clean, flux and solder in order to create a permanent watertight valve connection, significantly reducing average installation time while avoiding potential fire risks and other problems associated with sweat connections; saving time and money.

All Cimberio valves qualify for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and the Buy American Act.


  • Body: Corrosion Resistant Cast Nondezincificable Brass “CR”
  • Bonnet: Hot Forged Brass ASTM C37700
  • Strainer Screen: 18/8 ANSI302 Stainless Steel
  • Gasket: NA 1100 (Asbestos Free) Maximum Temperature of 842˚ F
  • O-Ring: EPDM - ASTM D 2000 M2


Part Numbers
1/2" 74PRSNL-04
3/4" 74PRSNL-06
1" 74PRSNL-07
1-1/4" 74PRSNL-08
1-1/2" 74PRSNL-09
2" 74PRSNL-10
Max. Operating Temperature:
Working Limit for Fluids 14˚ F – 212˚ F
Test Pressures:
According to ISO 5208
Working Pressure:
290 PSI
Saturated Steam:
54 PSI at 302˚F
CimPress x CimPress